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About LaunchPAD

There is a Tech talent recruiting war in USA right now. The established giants like Facebook and Google and increasing Tech StartUps are making NYC, Boston ,Chicago, and Bay area as their home. As a result, hiring great tech talent is more challenging than ever. Whether it is a Startup Founder, or Small Business owner, or Talent acquisition Head in a large corporation that focuses on technology oriented business, it’s critical to find a right Talent.

Great talent, whether may be for project which is already lagging because of the resource or a planned project that kicks off soon, LaunchPAD can assist in this search!!

LaunchPAD is a new division of Futran Solutions, Inc, a leader in providing Salesforce and Data sciences solutions. LaunchPAD partners with Universities, Code Bootcamps and Code Schools. . LaunchPAD provides the Career Services to the graduates of these schools. LaunchPAD Resource Pool is a large supply of extensively trained in IT skills, by the code schools or the code boot camps. The pool left their jobs and participated in these highly immersive trainings. They spend 15+ hrs. a day in learning and practicing, the technology that is being taught. They undergo these programs with a passion to become the IT professional by investing 4+ months’ time and money.

We provide the career services to these immensely Talented pool of resources.

Talk to us for your resource needs, Our Resource Coordinators will gladly help in fulfilling your recruiting needs.

Interested In Hiring LaunchPAD Resources ? Hire With Confidence !!